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Yosemite w/ the Scotts, 6/10

Outstanding Father's day weekend with perfect weather climbing perfect Valley classics with Kara and her little enthusiastic chatterbox climbing buddies Ian and Elizabeth. Sampled the all time classics Snake Dike, Nutcracker, Commitment, Bummer, Lazy Bum, and Lunatic Fringe. Lots of fun although in a rare, shameful moment of parental indulgence I let Kara wear Hand Jammies on LF. It won't happen again. Role modeled important life lessons of patience and restraint by hanging at the base of Snake Dike for two infuriating, interminable hours waiting for the route to clear before exploding into a fit of rage and simul climbing with 3 kids past 8 climbers in one fell, crisscrossing, rope tangling, frenzied swoop. The kids especially enjoyed that part which would be a bit worrisome if such a robust contemptuous 'tude didn't portend so well for a bright Valley future...


John's excellent photos:

Three perfect days in Yosemite. The kid’s climbed Half Dome round trip in a day via Snake Dike. It’s 12 miles, 10 pitches of climbing, and 4,800 feet of elevation gain. The route ascends the left skyline in the photo below and descends the way that most people go up – along cables on the east shoulder.



You may recall we did the same climb two years ago as a 3 day trip. “Team Pipsqueak” now has dozens of long backcountry climbs under their belt. These guys don’t mess around – we flew past 8 other climbers on the route.



“Snake dike” follows a spectacular quartz inclusion up the west shoulder of half dome



It’s a sheer face with few ledges, and a number of hanging belays



And a great view from the summit




We had a big snow year, so the waterfalls this spring are raging



Climbing half dome in a day, meant two more days to engage in forbidden activities



And explore new climbs. We did a fun 5 pitch route the first day – the Nutcracker



Sunday, we hiked in past Yosemite Falls to Commitment, a fun multi-pitch route with great views of the waterfall.



The kids also worked a couple harder lines – a determined Elizabeth took three tries to red point her first 5.10c



A fun Father’s day weekend



More shots here:








John Scott