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Crack of Despair, 10/01

By Jim Herson

I am humbly honored that Greg, being totally incapacitated and whipped from his weekend flailfest, has asked me to step in and carry on the sacred tradition of the weekend Trip Report. The art of trip reporting is to capture the courage and vision that enables the human spirit to triumph over adversity. Thus this will be a very tiny trip report.

Having climbed twice as many days this summer as his hero Jim, Greg felt fit and confident for his 5.7 objective. Unfortunately a cocky attitude isn't quite enough to get you up a Valley 5.7, especially one that may never have been done in climbing shoes.

Annie, the lightweight, bailed on Greg taking the kids to San Diego for a decadent, low stress weekend. Which left Pete-man for that death defying, Friday night Valley sprint in a car packed with gear, beer, and Motrin during which Greg undoubtedly whined and howled over every beer he had to share with Pete. Ditto on the coffee the next morning.

No need to dredge up the gory details of Greg's rejection. Suffice to say that given the unspeed record non-ascent very few parties were able to do the route that day.


From: Nathan Hoover That may be a tiny report, but WAY QUALITY! I can just picture him. Thanks, Nathan
From: Wayne Burleson Well-said! He's certainly had it coming.
From: Greg Murphy I think those parenting lessons Jim takes two times a week are making him a little cranky...
From: Annie Kersting Jim, Nice report. -A
From: Jeanne Panek Jim- This is really the best trip report yet! As a mere mortal who aspires to the kind of climbs you guys wish you could climb ;-), I read your report with awe and admiration. Keep up the great climbing! Jeanne
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