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Summer School, 8/08

By Jim Herson

Demo (Continuing our spineless don't-ask-don't-tell trip report policy...)

The grandchildren spent an educational week engaged in age appropriate enrichment activities. They learned the importance of ownership, goal setting, and detailed planning. Teamwork was emphasized as well as the necessity to stay on task... or not. Focusing on organizational skills and delegating responsibilities the older children were able to problem solve and successfully achieve their objective. Their hard work and rigorous studies were obvious on their developmental assessment rubrics.

The children enthusiastically engaged in advanced spatial reasoning while offering creative alternative solutions. Our core lesson plan combined multiculturalism, dramatic play and environmental studies along with a rigorous review of traditional material. In life skills we concentrated on our core principles of nutrition, delayed gratification, mutual respect, and emotional flexibility. In science, their experiment on differential pressure sparked all sorts of excitement. We then broke for recess before adjourning for the week.